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Plug-and-play vs. ballast-bypass tube
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This article is for introduction of Type A &Type B& A+B

  1. Plug and play/ballast compatible(UL type A)

works directly with the existing fluorescent ballast, so there is no rewiring nor ballast change required.

Advantages:Easy installation for existed fluorescent fixture; No electrical labor cost at the beginning;

Disadvantages: When ballast is broken, you need to replace a new ballast;

Hard to compatible with thouands of models ballasts;

Overall energy cost is higher than rewiring the ballast, LED tube is able lighting without ballast.

2. Ballast-bypass/ direct wire (UL type B)

require to remove or short-cut the original fluorescent ballast.

Advantages: Strictly LED tube lighting, no need ballast; Save energy; More safe with one end powered; Good choice for new projects;

Disadvantages: Labor cost for electrician.

3.Hybrid (UL type A & B)

able to work both as a plug and play with the existing ballast and, once the ballast is broken, you can remove it and have the lamp run off of line voltage.

Advantages: Able to lighting with ballast and without ballast;

Disadvantages: More expensive.

Which one is better? It is depend on your situation.

If it is for new projects, Type B bypass ballast is recommended;

If it is for old lamp replacement, if you don't want to do electrical work later and prefer to real LED lighting low energy cost, type B is okay; 

If you want easy installation and think your ballast will not run out in a short time, type A is good for you; If you would like to have easy installation now and take consideration of you don't mind to rewire ballast later, A+B is good for you.

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